NFBN Local Artist Spotlight #1 - QuaCzar


In the past year, Caleb “QuaCzar” Lewis has become one of Las Vegas’ standout bass producers, with a solid local gig schedule and a new self-released EP appropriately titled “Wook Wizard.

QuaCzar’s approach to DJing has improved leaps and bounds over the last few months and he’s become a crowd favorite at NFBN. Recently, he’s shared the stage with Dirt Monkey, Subdocta, and Esseks, and will step up once again on 3/19 in support of Yheti.

Mix and interview below!

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NFBN: Who is the Wook Wizard? Why does he inspire you to make music?

Q: The Wook Wizard is the king of all wooks. He makes weird music for weird people and boofs heddy crystals after he charges them with the blood moon.

And how would you describe your music?

Q: My dad once told me “Your music is like Project Pat on acid,” so I’ll go with that.

What got you into making the music you make today?

Q: I started making beats when I lived in Memphis. I was making southern hip hop beats when trap was emerging and blowing up in the south. Then I moved to Doha, Qatar to work as a contractor right out of high school, and got to travel through Europe and other places. My friends out there got me into dubstep, so I started mixing my southern trap style with dubstep.

Where did the name QuaCzar come from?

Q: I’m a science nerd and have always been obsessed with outer space. Quasars were fascinating to me because of how ridiculously powerful they are. They are the brightest objects in the universe, powered by supermassive black holes, responsible for supernovae and gamma ray bursts... The reality that these exist is just mind-boggling.

Favorite artists out currently?

Q: Shanghai Doom, Abelation, Eazybaked, Toadface, Dope, Noer the Boy

Favorite local Las Vegas artists?

Q: Zaiaku, TRNSTYL, JAUUA, Mayne Frame, 2 Shay, Meek, Wacofade, Ghasper, Kyle BGenius

What DAW do you use? Favorite plugins?

Q: I use Reason. I used to use Fruity Loops, Pro Tools, Logic, and I’ve tried Ableton, but I love Reason’s workflow and patching. It makes it feel like I’m actually creating music and not just programming. I use the synthesizers and samplers inside of Reason. I don’t use outside VST’s or plugins. Propellerhead all day!

Mix Tracklist:

QuaCzar - The Wizard

QuaCzar - Henna Montana

Quaczar - Space Knowledge

Quaczar - Shinigami

QuaCzar - Night Mayne

Noer the Boy - Hyper Blade

Dope - Pull Up

Substance - Dizzy Shanti

G Jones - Sountrack to the Machine

Yheti - Brainwaves

Esseks - Low Dub

Shanghai Doom - Hierarchy

Bommer - Google Vip

Eprom - Pineapple (Zeke Beats Remix)

Digital Ethos - $yrup

QuaCzar - Human

Quaczar - Arcturus

Dope - Noise

QuaCzar - Goody Gumdrops

Buku - Click Clack

Abelation - All set

JLEON & KOWTA - Loaded

KLLSMTH - Gutta Swangin